Anatomical Demodulation

Muscles for brains Iron calves Fists of steel heart Iron clad Soul blood and bones old Never crushed, burned, bought or sold No longer an ancient mystery…you’ve seen all the memories How do you plead…how strong is this bond with me…it’s in my name you read Is it love that you bleed…perhaps like in a […]


Not one single tear ran past my ear Not one single tear did my soul check no lingering fears, only a sec… did it take to put a smile on my face… Moseying along, everyday singing a different song it took a little too long to realize that I must be strong, while healing from […]

The Mystery

It’s more mysterious than I’ve ever been, this confounded confusion sets in…”Is this me I’m looking in?” Whispers all around, let me in… Don’t worry about the shape my subtle body is in I’ve been dead for years, ain’t that a great sin?! I find it rather amusing now cutting through time and sounds, space […]

Not My Clown

There’s too much noise and not enough sound Cotton fields in bloom now ’round this town The sky is full of light fluffy clouds with flocks of birds migrating south The scenery all looks the same, even the ground…it hasn’t changed One thing I still haven’t found I’m done guessing… I’m done bearing frowns Still […]

Bound to Forward

Out of the deepest, darkest places come some of the greatest minds My souls broken to pieces but you can’t have mine I’ve taken and hidden it somewhere You’ll have to look into a million faces to find To find it you must learn the many secrets that hide all the love that resides between […]


There’s nothing I can’t now face Seen the deepest, darkest pains replaced Even still, I keep searching for only your face… Like wolves of a hair, or birds of a feather, this blood goes on forever not to sever only to bring together this design, very clever Unconditional love rejects nothing from below, above or […]

Surprise in Disguise

I’ve got more scars than most stars before they fell from the oceans floor Still buried in the sand, I just can’t seem to understand anything, anymore… “What is it all for?” I ask, as I walk through yet another door…I’ve never seen this place before… Like an explorer on a secret mission, missing half […]

Single Sound of Multiples

An angel whispers in my ear “I’d love to seek you, when can I come near?” Phantom limbs reaching out, touching my skins and tears I wish to drive you crazy, then bring you back to sane to come back undone would be such a shame Unlearn what you knew you’ll soon see straight through […]

By Design

You are family, don’t ask why or how let’s get over the elephant in the room, and quit having cows… taking a bow, exit stage right Left in the audience, you’re nowhere in my sight Psychically I hear you cry out loud “I’m sick of all this, it ends tonight…I’d be proud.” Much to her […]

Broken Ground

I miss your face and silly, strange ways reaching to kiss your face, I can almost taste… I’ll take it to the grave and think out loud, maybe position a long way Sitting on a headstone I have become owned, no longer a slave to their throne I’d greet you with the widest grin, ask […]


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