Au Revoir

I drew,

An I drew

An I drew

Still, I had no picture of you

remnants left behind

voices carry the hearts song, keep the mind reminding…now I’ll try to ignore

of a happiness that has no eraser, I will find the eraser…if it takes my last breath…

I’m tired, tired of missing you


I don’t know why, I just love you.

I fell in love with a ghost you see, now it haunts me daily…


Undulating Energy

Another branch into oblivion

I will just be

Will we fail or proceed

I am just me

I didn’t choose this, it chose me

I will just be

I wish to walk not leap across this sea

I am just me

Not of this Earth, why then this worth

I am just me

Why not separate, that’d be fine

I will just be

Why so intertwined

I am just me

The close distance now saying

I am just me

Here to feed you the stories, caressing all of your glories

I will just be

Making me bleed, I need you to see

I am just me

Never a final call, my den ain’t so small

I am just me

Head back- sky view- my heart exudes

Waves of light shine so brightly, delighting

Ringing through manipulating every single nerve ending…

I will just be, I am only me.


Pool Halls and Padded Cells

Loosely grip

’til you find the one

who’s able to put your straight jacket on

wrapping your spirit in the noose

when you find yourself, a feeling of coming undone with little clues…

like fire only freezing

burning smut, smoke and ashes all around, encapsulating

thunder rolls in, lightning dazzling the night sky

us, the storm clouds dumping grounds, washing the ash not clean away

Rising from the mud one more, another day…

sea fire urchin 🙂


Controlled Chaos

Electrical pulses confusing the dead inside, Earthly contracts make me run and hide. No touch ever exchanged yet dangerously entangled is my soul.

As my eyes crack open, I pull the sheet up over my head paralyzed by plaguing thoughts of a face not seen in years, now not seen in months. I smile as tears fall simultaneously, my mien changing in the blink of a tear filled eye, only wishing to please and wanting to be pleased…you know that scream that starts from a place you’ve never been, from deep within that you don’t let out?

I only crave to hold your skull in my hands, feeling your bristles with feather like fingertips…your exhale warming my neck, creating jealousy amongst my lips…inhales consuming the scent that’s been longed for, for what seems like eternity. Words like daggers I won’t hear, feeling only your energies…seeing, feeling depths never known this trip around.

I carry this ferocious itch that changes me daily, controlling chaos becomes more difficult by the passing days. Promise me with only your eyes, as long as I breathe I can live only here.


Surrounding Waters

The portals above that we call planets and stars

Leading to alternate realities, fragmented souls do see

Feeling less whole, trying to be free

The intensity in me, fearful of the intensity in you…now I’m screwed? Dodging lifes hoops, hoping to one day scoop, what is so hard to find in this day and time.


Rise Above

Gasoline to your fire

Sweetness to your rage

Fighter to your give up

Color to your leaf

The rock to your chaos

Safety to your screams

Red to your blue

My courage, to muster yours up

The damn to your infinity, set you free.

The tickle to your pineal, the tongue on the inside of your skull, that’s how deep. Dragging across gathering, seizing, formless thoughts to decipher alone? Hollowed of most of what I used to be, trying to find me…remembering to breathe.


Sine Wave

I like the memories I’m remembering, I wonder, will the future catch up to the now from the past and how long does that take, eternity? How long does this last…

My metamorphosis needs to be complete, currently busting at the seams…swollen from inside deep it dies waiting on stage 3, home base it will lead?

Like the bright lights leave stains on eyes

Rolling through every word spoken, sifting…

Endless grains of dirt, nothing found, like where sand and water meet

Empty shells wearing down to grains of nothing, ebbing and flowing

Feeling the blues with hands tied, my first love music no longer subsides

Hole dug deep ever widening

What now…pulling straps away from sweat drenched skin…sensations of “sin,” to hell I’m in.

Oozing from my pores, what was once buried deep within…mind running thin. In the end they’ll start to blend, bleeding through time. A day late, a dollar short in this time…

Yet still it goes deeper, depths the ordinary folk dare not enter.


The Forced Void

Has the handler become the handled? The lingering effects of mind being swept with a broom full of continuous thoughts. Over producing dimethyltryptamine dreams moving so fast I can’t remember a thing upon opening. The eye only sees the tail end of these damn things, not sure what this means…do you feel me like I feel you? It’s hard to tell who is me and who is who…

Everything in one package, slowly coming back to my senses…I’m getting along, some days struggle to stay strong. My own drums I do beat, cheering myself on. It was me all along, never feeling like I belonged. Made from and of numbers, what am I looking through when I see you? I saw more than just a bag of boned meat suit…the portals I see that shine in the waters above at night, have called for my return, to bring home back to us.


Distant Salts

"From the days of old to the ones unmet, we're tied by our soul don't you forget." Thais
Jason Marsh

I hear your call from across the waves, though I have come from the water I have forgotten. Tear through this veil, needs unwinding are ye teacher that unkind?

The pavement steams, fogging glass just like in dreams, now come to pass, brought to days as well as nights…around the clocks I can hardly fight. I’m exhausted. I can still hear your voice and it feels like home.

Happy Groundhogs Day with middle aged sexy dancers on screen, slinging fire for hair. No one believes in marriage anymore, but where is my mind? If this be unkind then damned to your hell I’ll surely go. This, all that I know, scary yet I’m sold, to time I fold if the truth be told.


The More The Merrier

Stuck on this deserted island, yet there are people all around. They’re all making noises but none of my sound. My body knew before my mind, it took months for all that to settle down.

Vibrations now create words of which I often listen, am I hearing a distortion, what seems like only a portion?

That depth those eyes did declare, how many of you think you could share? What once seemed like tripping on a knot has now thrown me out into the lot, always searching, wondering. Walking this tightrope between dreams, only pleasure I find is mine.

current situation…