The light shown through integrating into every cell…cells exchanging information, tainted now with unmet treasures. Painful, blissful, joined into one balanced, perfect harmony.

It had to dig deep, feelings of sweetness, oneness filling me…dug so deep, suffocating at the feet, you did reach, resuscitating my speech and other sorts of traumas…heat.

Unbeknownst I had swept the dark night before, not much left in this fog filled store. A cabinet you thought I hadn’t been through yet, exposed and I stole the show, slowly returning to ground Zero…

I don’t want to fly I want to go by sea, I want to go somewhere I’ve seen only in my dreams…finding my palm tree I will sit, think about all the shit I couldn’t see…Finally feeling free under the serpents tree, so it will be.

By Empirical Earth Angel

I came into this world with a fiery disposition, headstrong, only to be stifled by unconscious generational traumas. Now I am here, my fire has returned and I'm trying to live a dream like life, the life that's been waiting for me for years, years beyond your wildest imaginations...won't you walk with me...

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