From Ashes, The Beginnings

Itchy scalp and feet, I heard someone speak “The love bug bit me.” Can you bite yourself, that’s silly?! Bruises on my hips and torso pleasing me as you silently evade me, holes in walls, glass shattering from windows, cars crashing, fists on faces…thoughts of destruction this brings. Sometimes I just want to scream “Why me?!!” With no answer, now spinning doing a 180, crying, sobbing endlessly…

My new roller coaster reality, sure of course, bring it to me…mind stronger than ever before, you will never break me completely. The will to know love still drives me, thankfully.

Once alone on this private journey, my thoughts now taken from me, no privacy. Why did ever think this could’ve been anything more?

Oak Island, NC

By Empirical Earth Angel

I came into this world with a fiery disposition, headstrong, only to be stifled by unconscious generational traumas. Now I am here, my fire has returned and I'm trying to live a dream like life, the life that's been waiting for me for years, years beyond your wildest imaginations...won't you walk with me...

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