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Oak Island 2020

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Rhinestone Sealed

You sealed the deal when you went home, said my name and came emojis on my phone…crying and insane I miss you inside, she on the daily set of pain…it was always nice and the river flowed wet…on that I could always bet You acted like you really cared, was that just in the script…taken […]

Contagion Beware

Place your torch on my window sill creating no panic, creating no frill Only hearing your shadow of a voice still… I’m left with no choice, been alone for so long here not meant for the same ol’ crowds voice dear Don’t believe me, go ask him…yeah that guy, over there he knows, just wasn’t […]

Fake Blue Roses

An experience within a dream bursting forth to clean and redeem Scrubbing violently back and forth, what have you done with the torch The one that’s meant to burn deep inside, piled upon it all this mud and pride Clearing this path, making room for new, who knew blue was a fake bloom… The smell […]

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