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Oak Island 2020

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Au Revoir

I drew, An I drew An I drew Still, I had no picture of you remnants left behind voices carry the hearts song, keep the mind reminding…now I’ll try to ignore of a happiness that has no eraser, I will find the eraser…if it takes my last breath… I’m tired, tired of missing you EXHAUSTED […]

Undulating Energy

Another branch into oblivion I will just be Will we fail or proceed I am just me I didn’t choose this, it chose me I will just be I wish to walk not leap across this sea I am just me Not of this Earth, why then this worth I am just me Why not […]

Pool Halls and Padded Cells

Loosely grip ’til you find the one who’s able to put your straight jacket on wrapping your spirit in the noose when you find yourself, a feeling of coming undone with little clues… like fire only freezing burning smut, smoke and ashes all around, encapsulating thunder rolls in, lightning dazzling the night sky us, the […]

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