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Latest from the Blog

Bound and Tied

Old, new me is poking my finger in your chest, pushing you, licking your brain from the inside, asking what’s going on…but I take it in stride. Fortunately, unfortunately the god of consciousness previously had me at 90⁰…the torture of no comprehension has made me grow, pains and pleasures in sums I’d never thought before […]

Lightning Crashes my Party

I hear your name in your voice daily, constantly driving me insane, enticing me to come and play… In the audience dreaming unknowingly of this “playground,” trying to catch the last scene before the illusory curtain closes… Direction once scrambled with 3D limitations now seen through salt filled eyes at the lightning crashing, destroying those […]

From Ashes, The Beginnings

Itchy scalp and feet, I heard someone speak “The love bug bit me.” Can you bite yourself, that’s silly?! Bruises on my hips and torso pleasing me as you silently evade me, holes in walls, glass shattering from windows, cars crashing, fists on faces…thoughts of destruction this brings. Sometimes I just want to scream “Why […]

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