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Oak Island 2020

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The Mind of Thā

Under cover of the night my mind takes flight… our imaginations rare…willing to die not lose my life, isn’t that fair You can’t pull my hair from way over there The view I imagine, I see you stare Rising ever so rapidly, meet me there…in the middle, no despair Renewing the ties that bind my […]

Kite String

I have a piece of the desert I have a piece from the sea, a piece of rock from the mountains that be I can hold all these things we see, in palms they can teach, all tiny bits of each one piece I dream to hold, still out of reach… So what if I […]

Always the Mystery

I am the person I need I am whole, I am complete when I stand on my own two feet It’s not in my DNA to be slain by earthly forces that remain…I will breakthrough this pain and feel bright like the sun once again Pioneer of pathways in the brain, integrating slowly into whole […]

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